A photo of me in my favorite outfit 
7 1 14 10:10pm

What we don’t understand what we’ve never seen before what is not true to ourselves, scares the shit out of us when it exists and is true for other people.

That’s why we laugh at or criticize, innocently, what we don’t agree with, because doing so is in our own defense, and seemingly, in our best interest.

(“We” as in “I too” as in the old “I” and not the new)

With this knowledge raging throughout me and hence, outside of me, I can never refrain from what is new simply because it scares you and those who feed to you their own recycled truths.

That would not only stunt my own ability to evolve but also your own potential growth if I were to inspire you, even if only subliminally.

That’s why I love to expose other people and especially myself to what is new to me, by creating it. This is also why I love social platforms, internet or irl, and I just love my own body, a great public form of expression: This body of which I reside with no final answer as to why is a favorite canvas of mine in the mean time!

I don’t like regular shit, unless its classic! But I do promote moderate recycling and I do respond to trend because I appreciate what is contemporary significant and era worthy; but what is constantly contemporary is innovation. 

I trust rarely but consider often. I consider the opinion of those that I value most in my life experience. And as for the opinion of all others: just as I consider anything else that seemingly exists in the world, I first perceive and then consider, which is finally followed or unfollowed by a response. And yet both my consideration and response to what I perceive is contaminated by my ego and all undetectable bias within me. So that is to say, I trust nothing without a doubt other than what exists within the depths of me, unexpressed. 

My indifference is not a rebellious or defensive one but a most peaceful indifference that I live indulged in and live to promote, and this indifference is lead by a simple truth: I exist, all else is for me to make exist. I make exist what I see I make exist what I feel, oh and only if I were able to share with you what I make exist, vibrant and raw, in thought! But I never can because what I perceive is then expressed and is no longer the same, and what you perceive of my expression is no longer the same, but all new!

The exposure to ignorance will never serve as an obstacle to my constant curiosity and ability to create, but as inspiration to continue to expose the old to my new!

Even if you’ve never seen it before, I will manifest!

All of the above is true only for me